About me

  My name is Maya. Above all, I am an energy person. My life is full of action and events. I interract, move and travel a lot. I absorb life like a sponge. Emotions and experiences fill me up, for me to pour them out on a canvas afterwards. As a self learner, I dont really worry about painting "right". I don't worry about style or technique. I even do not worry about how the ojects would appear. I just feel and use colors to make these feelings materialize in real world.


  Growing up at the banks of the Dnipro river in Ukraine, enriched with memories of camping holidays in the wild, I have always felt a fascination for nature, air and space. I've never gotten tired of the magic of the wind sweaping through the endless grain fields... I can watch this show for hours, hypnotized... These are the moments that inspire me, they make me hungry for life! I love to catch them, the sounds, the smell, the changing landscape, catch them in color. 

Colors travel through time. 

Colors are memories of moments.


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